"Full System Integration between eCommerce, Mobile app, CRM and Loyalty: thanks to IQUII Retail we can offer today a new shopping experience to our customers, with a completely user centered approach" Cesare MalavasiUX Manager

Terranova is a company of the Teddy s.p.a. which boasts over 50 years of experience in franchising: 571 points of sale in 34 countries around the world that bill over 69 million items a year. The Terranova app stems from the group’s desire to offer its customers a tool to experience a new shopping experience through mCommerce and a touchpoint for the WE Terranova loyalty program.

The approach was based on the creation of a System Integration strategy, in line with the client’s needs and objectives. Then we worked closely with the customer on the customer journey and study the UX to identify the target user, functionality and style of the interface elements. A work plan based on incremental releases has therefore enabled an active involvement of all stakeholders at every stage of the project.

In parallel with the mobile application realization, native for iOS and Android, we have also developed a Middleware that would make possible a total System Integration between eCommerce, CRM and Fidelity services. In this way we have optimized the information flow and provided a single point of communication with the app. This has allowed us to improve and expand in app content management and information between corporate systems without changing all the processes and the working methods consolidated for the customer.

The user centered approach adopted for the User Experience design was based on the initial definition of the personas, outlined on the basis of the information gathered on the type of customer, their buying habits and their customer journeys. Profiles and usage scenarios that have been created allowed us to identify app functionalities more in line with the experience expected by users. Based on this information, we have created a wireframe able to define the user flow of the app and its features. Finally, once the user experience cycle has been defined, the entire User Interface and the graphic concept have been designed. The latter was developed in close contact with the customer who provided us with useful feedback for the product consolidation and evolution, in line with Terranova’s brand identity.

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