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"The collaboration with the IQUII’s Innovation Hub dedicated to retail has allowed us to start the evolutionary process with the transition from a multichannel to a omnichannel approach" Cesare MalavasiUX Manager

The major players in the retail world are starting the transition from multichannel to omnichannel. The increase in the number of touchpoints, a characteristic element of multi-channel, has on the one hand allowed users to use digital and physical channels, on the other it has made it more difficult to have a complete view of the customer journey (the channels do not communicate with each other). Omnichannel makes it possible to integrate purchasing channels, guaranteeing an optimal user experience and providing retailers with aggregated and centralized data to increase engagement and strengthen brand identity.

Terranova, on the occasion of Pesaro and Rimini stores’ inauguration, chose IQUII Retail to take the first step towards omnichannel. All new generation stores will have a hi-tech corner dedicated to e-commerce and promotion of the loyalty program. The user will have access to the entire Terranova catalog on the tablet, and will be able to decide to check product availabilities in store or complete the purchase online, with the possibility of registering at the loyalty program when purchasing.

Thanks to the integration of the digital experience in the brick and mortar, numerous benefits are obtained, the biggest of which is the increase in the use of Pay & Collect, which allows:

  • reduce the costs of the last mile, which are on average 30% of the entire transport cost;
  • offer free shipping, which affects around 88% of users and increases customer loyalty;
  • depending on the availability of products in stock, shipping times can be reduced:
  • increase product upselling through promotions and personalized offers (around 40% of customers make additional purchases);
  • recover abandoned carts online (about 60%).

(Credits: The future of retail 2018, S. Pandolph, BI Intelligence)

Finally, we have made extremely simple the loyalty program’s membership, proposing it both as a stand-alone feature and during the purchase phase, considerably increasing the conversion rate.

Users are already omnichannel: they see the items in the store but they buy online, or they buy online and they go to collect online. The distribution must necessarily become omnichannel in order to survive, and the hi-tech corner is only the first step of this path.

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