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""The strategic partnership with IQUII Retail has made it possible to reorganize and enhance the information assets held by Original Marines, with benefits across the entire corporate value chain"" Davide BasileMarketing Manager
at Original Marines

Original Marines is a company that creates and produces clothing and accessories for children through a casual, sporty and trendy style.

Present in Italy with more than 600 stores and 35 years of experience in the clothing sector, Original Marines has always proved to be close to its customers and its needs even in the digital and mobile era.

The Original Marines app stems from the desire to provide all customers a new contact and communication tool, bringing all the Original Marines experience to life on their smartphone. The aim of the project carried out with Original Marines is to create a new touchpoint for the user through which to experience the whole brand Loyalty experience, from registration to redemption of points accumulated with coupons to be redeemed in the stores, directly on their own smartphone. The project has been faced with an agile approach, with progressive and very brief interactions with the client’s team, so as to make the platform evolve continuously according to the needs, data and feedback received.

The first phase of the project involved us in the study and in the design of functional processes, together with the client’s team. Then we focused on the architecture design and integration points with the company’s internal systems. The next step was to develop and integrate modules that would allow the interoperability of the systems involved.

In the second phase of the project the goal was the growth of digital services aimed at users and merchants, the creation of new features and the extension of the touchpoint of the brand in order to increase interactions between brand and customers from a multichannel perspective. In this phase we have also created the new mCommerce integrated in the MyOriginal app and the dedicated application for the store for which we have done a study in terms of UX, functionality and system integration.

The new functionalities realized aim at offering new services such as the possibility of making B2B purchases (of the Store Managers on behalf of the Original Marines customers) and B2C (the customer in app orders and  in store withdraws), in addition to expanding the relative possibilities to Loyalty services such as card activation and redeem coupons.

The third phase represented a further step towards the integration of digital experiences into the classic in store shopping experience: the introduction of beacons, installed in each of the stores present in the Italian territory allows to increase the traffic, the engagement and the sellout through campaigns and promotions designed for the individual user.

2018 saw the introduction of the new MyOriginal loyalty program: thanks to the creation of a new couponing system and increasingly personalized offers for customers, the brand takes another step forward towards an increasingly complete and integrated customer experience online and offline.

The first version of the loyalty program, active until 31.03.2018, provided for the allocation of points in relation to the amount spent online or in store (1 point for every € spent). The points could later be “spent” to obtain discount coupons on the subsequent expenditure.

The new loyalty mechanism, introduced with the program starting from 03.04.2018, introduces new elements of engagement and rewarding, bringing the customer to the center of the model, with a mechanic no longer oriented to the awarding of the purchase transaction, but of the whole relationship with the brand.

The omnichannel project did not only mean adding more channels, but integrating them into a wider interaction experience, and it was an important challenge both in terms of technology and planning and coordination.

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